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    Like gradmommy, I was confused by the description of the group. In my understanding, person of color is an umbrella term applicable to anyone who identifies as other than white or as other than only white {bi or multiracial individuals with white ancestors, for example}. Given that, the sentence describing the group in raced and linguistic terms was nonsensical, and that is quite dismaying in a piece about educators learning to challenge race and language biases.

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    Peepless, also, about the slaughter of Thai Buddhists in southern Thailand and the endless kidnappings in the Philippines by Abu Saif. Not a whiff of peepage from the Western front in China, where bombings aren't rare at all. I wish, the next time the press plays gotcha with a Republican candidate on some obscure foreign policy i.e. geography question, the candidate would turn it around and ask why theses stories aren't being covered.

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