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    It wouldn't matter if he raped a 7 year old boy on the White House lawn. Unless the GOP regains the Senate and House, none of this will ever be brought to light. Certainly not by the MSM.Now, had ths been Bush, he would have been forced to resign, and quite possibly, kill himself.

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    so i was watching CMT prior to the CMA’s (which i didn’t get to see due to CNA class 🙁 ) and they had an interview with kelli pickler. i had never heard a word out of her mouth prior to this but that girl is dumb. Lance smith asked her something about the tour she’s on and she was like “blah blah blah another two weeks…wait how long is 15 days?” i cannot fathom how people like her manage to live on a day to day basis.

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    news. And no, it is not huge. is just a web portal to cases uploaded by contributors. It does not claim to be the official reporter. In any event, how does this change Minor v. Happersett? Wouldn't a thorough researcher go directly to the Minor case and read it, rather than rely on some description in another case?

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    Hi Chris! *waving* Poor Glenn Beck. Chris was mean to him. LOL Now CNN hates his guts so he has to go to Fixed News now to hang with the right wing crazy base he’s always represented. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Glenn is a neocon troll now. We knew the time would come where he would be put back in his place.

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    Thanks Laurie, Maybe “getting caught in” is the normal for most if not all of us and thinking it should be otherwise is not-normal. this quote of Hollis really helped me feel that about my own life. yes, I will have self-doubt and anxiety when I try something new or put myself “out there!” thanks for reading and commenting. Anne

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    I'm torn here. Copps' position is a legacy of the Communism of the New Deal, which proclaimed the airwaves belonged to the people. If only the Republicans would abolish that nonsense. Yet… the primary effect of Copps' regulation which be to further diminish the importance of broadcasting, leaving the "airwaves" free to be just another Internet medium. That would be a far superior use of the spectrum.

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    Lets get some terms down. This lawsuit is not just a lawsuit, it is an accusation. They are accusing white people, nearly every white person in Iowa, of a crime. They are accusing White Americans of harming these Black Americans. This is an ACCUSATION and a DEFAMATION. Lets get the terms down. They are accusing and defaming White Americans. An entire ethnic group.

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    We use Math U See too. My husband works at a christian college and 2 of the 3 math professors who homeschool their children use this. So we feel pretty comfortable using that for now. Our son will be in 2nd grade next year but he will be doing 3rd grade math.

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    Jan, I see someone made a Breeders Cup Pix ‘folder’ smart idea. Go back to top of this page and click on Forum, then scroll down til you see the heading, Breeders Cup Pix. I’ll post some there too, so they are all together. Who doesn’t love 1000′s of photo’s?!!!Enjoy.

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    Dan,You’re most welcome to join the Writing Gym, but be aware that it is not a workshop. It’s a place to generate first drafts and find inspiration to write. I’ll put your name on my list and let you know when we’ll begin. All best, Judy

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    Tracey – I love those books that I come to without context (at least academic context – which can kill the enjoyment of a book). In my group of friends, we all just read Anna K for pleasure – and it was awesome!

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